“Meet RhinoTrack: Passionate Protectors of Wildlife

Introducing the RhinoTrack Team – a dedicated group of passionate individuals united by a shared commitment to wildlife conservation and farm protection.

At the helm of our organization is our visionary leadership, guiding us with expertise and unwavering dedication. Behind the scenes, our skilled researchers work tirelessly to understand the intricate dynamics of the ecosystems we strive to protect.

Our field teams are the backbone of our operation, braving challenging terrains and weather conditions to patrol critical areas, ensuring the safety of our precious wildlife. They are supported by our vigilant monitoring and surveillance experts, who utilise cutting-edge technology to detect and deter threats in real-time.

Behind every successful mission is our administrative and support staff, working diligently to keep our operations running smoothly and efficiently. From fundraising to logistics, they ensure that every aspect of our organisation operates seamlessly.

Together, we are the RhinoTrack Team – united in our mission to protect, preserve, and champion the survival of endangered species and the protection of our farmers. With passion, determination, and a shared vision, we stand as guardians of our planet’s biodiversity, working tirelessly to secure a future where every species thrives and the country’s food security is preserved.


At RhinoTrack, our team is fueled by warmth and passion, driven to safeguard our precious animals from the scourge of poaching. With over 30 years of combined knowledge and experience, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

Our extensive experience spans a wide spectrum of security, anti-poaching, and combating livestock theft. We’re also adept at dog and horse training, stakeouts, analysis, and follow-up investigations. As a Non-profit Organization (NPO), RhinoTrack is a well-known name in agriculture, hunting, and conservation circles.

Why are we recognised? Because we’re not just talk – we’re deeply involved in funding related security and conservation activities at the ground level. When you support RhinoTrack, you’re not just supporting a cause – you’re joining a dedicated team of passionate protectors. Together, we can make a real difference. Join us today.”


Introducing the RhinoTrack Security Team – a “Boots on the Ground” highly trained and dedicated group of professionals committed to safeguarding wildlife, protecting communities, and preserving habitats.

Our security team comprises experts with diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, military, and conservation. Rigorously trained and equipped with the latest technology, they stand as vigilant guardians against threats such as poaching, illegal wildlife trade, and habitat destruction.

Deployed strategically in key wildlife areas, our security team employs a multi-faceted approach to ensure comprehensive protection. They conduct regular patrols, monitor surveillance systems, and collaborate with local authorities to detect and deter criminal activities.

But our mission goes beyond mere protection – our security team also plays a vital role in community engagement and empowerment. They work closely with local communities to build trust, provide education on conservation practices, and foster cooperation in wildlife protection efforts.

At RhinoTrack, our security team is not just a force for protection – they are ambassadors for conservation, embodying our commitment to safeguarding our planet’s precious biodiversity for future generations. With their unwavering dedication and expertise, they are the frontline defenders of our natural heritage and food security.


Supporting farm attack victims is at the core of RhinoTrack’s mission. We understand the devastating impact these attacks have on individuals, families, and communities, and we are committed to providing assistance and support in their time of need.

Through our Farm Attack Victim Support Program, we offer a range of services tailored to help victims recover and rebuild their lives. This includes:

  • Immediate Assistance: We provide immediate support to victims in the aftermath of an attack, including medical assistance, trauma counselling, and emergency accommodation if needed.
  • RhinoTrack Helps: Secure farms affected by attacks by deploying trained guards to patrol the area and ensure the safety of the property and its occupants.
  • Emotional Support: We offer ongoing counselling and emotional support to help victims cope with the psychological impact of the attack and navigate the healing process.
  • Legal Assistance: Our team can connect victims with legal resources and assistance to help them navigate the legal processes involved in seeking justice and compensation.
  • Community Outreach: RhinoTrack works with local communities to raise awareness about farm attacks and promote solidarity and support for victims.

By supporting farm attack victims through RhinoTrack, you can make a tangible difference in their lives and contribute to the broader effort to combat violence and promote safety and security in rural areas. Together, we can stand in solidarity with victims, provide them with the support they need, and work towards a future free from violence and fear.


Veterinary services are crucial for treating injured poached animals suffering from terrible snare and gunshot wounds due to the immediate and life-saving medical care they provide. Snares, often used by poachers, inflict severe injuries, leading to significant blood loss, infections, and tissue damage.

Veterinarians can quickly stabilize these animals, control bleeding, clean and disinfect wounds, and administer necessary medications to prevent infections. Without such prompt intervention, many animals would succumb to their injuries or suffer prolonged, painful deaths. The expertise of veterinarians in managing pain and facilitating the healing process is vital for the survival and recovery of these animals.

Beyond emergency care, veterinary services play an essential role in the rehabilitation and conservation of poached wildlife. Veterinarians not only treat the immediate injuries but also develop comprehensive rehabilitation plans to restore mobility and health, allowing animals to return to their natural habitats. Their work contributes to broader conservation efforts, particularly for endangered species whose populations are already at risk. By saving individual animals and supporting their recovery, veterinary services help maintain biodiversity and ecological balance. Additionally, veterinarians’ involvement in education and advocacy raises awareness about the impacts of poaching, promoting stronger wildlife protection measures and fostering a culture of respect and care for all animals.